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Posted by arungupta on March 10, 2009 at 11:45 AM PDT

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is an online video marketing platform that allows brands to
build, promote, manage, and track video campaigns on social networks
for targeted audiences. The platform is powered by Ruby-on-Rails, JRuby
1.1.6, and GlassFish v2 UR2.

Why not "pack of
mongrels" ?

this deployment strategy
wasn't an efficient use of resources, both human and machine. So we
started to look at alternative solutions.

JRuby was chosen because

impressive strides the
JRuby team was making with Rails compatibility


possibilities of
integrating with Java


the runtime pooling
feature of JRuby would enable an elastic cluster of Rails environments,
which meant we would only have the overhead of a full cluster during
periods of high traffic

GlassFish was chosen over
Tomcat and JBoss because

project was sponsored
commercially by Sun & that the core team had a well-defined
public roadmap and release cycle


high degree of community
overlap between the JRuby & GlassFish projects


there were experts at
the intersections of these tools


GlassFish Admin console
played a large role as it shielded us from managing verbose XML
configuration files

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