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MySQL Users Conference 2009 Day 2

Posted by arungupta on April 21, 2009 at 9:53 PM PDT

I presented on href="">Creating
Quick and Powerful Web Applications with MySQL, GlassFish, and NetBeans.
The key messages conveyed during the preso are:

  • GlassFish
    is an open source community and delivers production-quality Java EE
    compliant Application Server.
  • GlassFish v2 is the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation and
    GlassFish v3 for Java EE 6. Read complete difference href="">here.
  • Java Persistence API makes it really easy to create
    database-backed Web applications. It even creates href="">MySQL-specific
    queries, when possible.
  • The web-based administration console and CLI are powerful
    GlassFish management tools that meets the need of any IT administrator.
  • NetBeans
    provides comprehensive and seamlessly integrated tooling for GlassFish.
    The goal is to make the href="">Eclipse
    tooling at par with NetBeans.

The slides are available href="">here.

And then notes from some of the sessions I attended:

of the Dolphin

  • 12+ million users, 70k downloads/day, 1100 MySQL Partners
  • Multiple platforms: LAMP, Windows, Mac, OpenSolaris,
    Solaris, RedHat,
    Suse, Ubuntu
  • Multiple Languages: php, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++,
  • MySQL 5.1: 3 million downloads in 100 days
  • href="">MySQL
    announced: InnoDB Scalalbility, Sub-query optimizations, 59% faster
    than 5.1, 40% improvement in read/write test, 71% throughput increase
  • InnoDB:
    Fast index creation (add/drop indexes w/o copying the data), Data
    compression (shrink tables, to significantly reduce storage and i/o)
  • Embedded
    InnoDB (announced today): Proven high-performance and reliability and
    functionality of InnoDB, low-level but powerful non-SQL API for app
    programmers, operational characteristics needed for stand-alone apps
    where there is no DBA
  • Dr DBA was awarded "Acquirer of the Year: Oracle" :-)
  • MySQL Cluster 7.0: 99.999% availability, 4.3x higher
    throughput, 140k+
    TPM and 4x less power and consumption than 6.3
  • MySQL
    Query Analyzer: Continuous query monitoring, find and fix problem SQL
    code, historical and real-time analysis, drill down into execution

Innovative Technologies for Performance and Data Protection

  • Dr Heikki Tuuri, was professor at Helsinki, founded
    Innobase, got
    acquired by Oracle
  • Performance and Data Integrity are basic features
  • Architected and written by one person
  • Full transaction support, Unlimited row-level locking,
    read-consistency, automatic deadlock detection
  • Innovative: adaptive hash indexes, insert buffer ( href="">performance
    benefits), doublewrite buffer, InnoDB plugin
  • Oracle/Innobase + Sun/MySQL

MySQL, Enter Drizzle

  • Goals
    • Pluggable/Infrastructure Aware
    • Community Developed
    • Multicore/Concurrency (load up 10,000 connections in db)
    • Focus on Web applications/enable others
    • Modernize codebase for manageability (currently C/C++,
      can we reuse STL and other libraries)
  • Philosophies
    • Have open and well-documented interfaces
    • Have transparent goals and processes, that are
      communicated publicly
    • Have fun and encourage collaboration
    • Remove barriers to contribution and participation for
    • Enable contributors to build a business around Drizzle
  • Drizzle announced at OSCON last year
    • Translated into 30+ languages since then
    • 7% of developers are from Sun
    • 100+ contributors (>500 on the mailing list), even
      Postgres and Firebird developers \
    • href="">Cirrus
      available now, href="">Aloha
    • href="">Drizzle
      Developer Day 2009 scheduled this Friday
    • No patches are contributed back to MySQL Enterprise
    • Will be ready for production deployment Jun 2010
  • References

Performance Rails and MySQL

  • David Berube: Apress books on "Author Practical Ruby Gems",
    "Practical Rails Plugins", "Practical Reporting with Ruby on Rails"
  • Finding performance issues in Rails
    • Rails development log
    • eabe_db_tools: Ajax popup- displays query count, query
      each time for a each query on a page. Will be available on github next
    • href="">mysql_slow_log
    • Is it a database problem: Firebug, YSlow, Ping, tracert,
  • Let the database do the heavy lifting instead
    of Ruby: for example, don't sort in Ruby
  • Deep eager loading: don't load that is not required
  • Use built-int Rails grouping and aggregate functions
  • Caching: simple ootb caching, Cache Fu, MySQL triggers for
    DB function caching, Rails triggers for other caching

Did you know 1.3 billion emails were sent as part of href="">Obama's election
campaign - and all powered by MySQL ? Hear the details from href="">Blue State Digital
engineers who created the solution and maintained it:

And you can always read the href="">complete
case study.

Some pictures from earlier today ...

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And then the evolving picture album is available at:

Come meet us at the GlassFish booth in the href="">Exhibit
Or you can stop by at room #205 for the Whisper Suite for a more
personal and 1-1 conversation.

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