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JRuby, Rails, and GlassFish Bootcamp - San Francisco, May 19/20, 2009

Posted by arungupta on May 1, 2009 at 12:47 PM PDT
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Would you like to power up your href="">Rails
applications using JRuby
and GlassFish ?
And learn that from the engineers who develop the technology.

If yes, then we have organized a href="">bootcamp for you!

Day 1 (FREE) of this bootcamp provides an introduction to JRuby and
GlassFish and
how they serve as an excellent development and deployment environment
for Rails applications. Starting with clean slate on your laptop,
you'll be able to setup JRuby, Rails, GlassFish and learn about
different options available for running your applications.

Day 2 (need $$$) takes a deep dive on each topic and convert you into a
power user instantaneously. The topics range from Virtual Machine
tuning for JRuby and GlassFish, Warbler tricks, Java EE integration,
Deployment strategies, Monitoring applications to Running other
Rack-based frameworks. Lunch and beverages will be served on Day 2.

On both days, you get an opportunity to practice everything on your
laptop by following the experts along.

Complete details on venue, time, agenda, etc are available at href="">

Register now
before the seats fill out. And get ready to be drenched!

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