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JVB #17: Davis Nguyen on GlassFish at JavaOne 2009

Posted by arungupta on May 29, 2009 at 9:22 AM PDT

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Learn what Davis Nguyen will be doing at href="">JavaOne 2009.

His hands-on-lab details are available href="">here.

All previous entries are tagged href="">javaone+vidblog.

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Too much noise. Quite annoying to drown out all the other blogs with this.

Sorry but I couldn't take it anymore. For goodness sake why every time around JavaOne do you have to flood the site with your posts? Can't you just pack a bunch of those together in one post? Be a little sensible man. Thanks.

mikeazzi, kirillcool, I think expecting JavaOne blogs on (the premier technology website for Java) is not totally unnatural. If 36 video blogs are clubbed into one, there is a very high likelihood that the last few (many?) video entries will not be viewed. Anyway, since more than one person complained about this issue, I stopped publishing video blogs here. But I think setting up filters should is not that hard too :)