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GlassFish at Eclipse Demo Camps Galileo 2009 - Jun 17th

Posted by arungupta on June 16, 2009 at 5:26 PM PDT

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What is an href="">Eclipse
Demo Camp ?

The Eclipse
DemoCamps are an opportunity to showcase all of the cool interesting
technology being built by the Eclipse community. They are also an
opportunity for you to meet Eclipse enthusiasts in your city.

The GlassFish
will showcase the seamless integration with
Eclipse. Several blog entries are already available at href="">glassfish+eclipse.

Do you know:

  • href="">GlassFish
    Tools Bundle for Eclipse provide Eclipse 3.4.2 with Java EE
    support, GlassFish v 2.1 + GlassFish v3 pre-registered/configured, with
    commercial support
  • GlassFish v3 Preview can be added
  • href="">Screencast
    #28 shows how develop/debug a web application using Eclipse
    and GlassFish
  • href="">TOTD
    #66 shows how to install GlassFish plugin in an existing
    Eclipse install
  • href="">Eclipse
    Galileo can be used for GlassFish development/deployment, use
    "" as the udpate site.

Meet us in person and hear the glory:

When ? Jun 17th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Where ? Oracle Headquarters, Redwood Shores

Complete details href="">here.

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jc_vamseekrishna, Please post your question to for a quicker response. Thanks!

Hi I am new to Glass fish. i am planning to develop a simple web service in Glass Fish. i have tried with JAX-WS. but the problem is i am not not able to see the exact names of input params in wsdl, Say web method is public String get Name(String MyName), i am expecting the WSDl to show Inputas MY name rather tham param1. i was not able to set any kind of style here and i think this is causing problem. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated Thank YOu