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GlassFish swimming to FISL, Brazil

Posted by arungupta on June 17, 2009 at 12:56 PM PDT

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FISL stands for "Forum Internacional Software Livre" in
the Portuguese language and means "International Free Software Forum"
in the English language. The punch line is "A technologia que liberta"
and means "The technology that liberates".

This is the biggest event about free software in America and was
attended by
7417 participants in 2008.

Just like "Freedom of Speech" is a basic human right, "Freedom of
Software" is a basic right for the technology evolution. href="">GlassFish
gives you the freedom:

  • To Pick your own framework: Java EE, Ruby-on-Rails,
    Groovy/Grails, or any other
  • Choose your IDE: NetBeans,
    Eclipse, href="">IntelliJ and
  • Over properietary Application Servers by providing highly
    reliable and production quality features like
    • Clustering/Load
    • Secure, Reliable, and Transactional, and
      Web services stack (Metro)
    • Easy-to-use web-based administration
      console along with a powerful CLI

    in an open source world.

  • Offers dual open-source license (CDDL or GPL v2 w/ CPE)

Similarly NetBeans allows you to create Java, Ruby, Python, Groovy,
PHP, C/C++, JavaScript, Java EE, Mobile, REST/SOAP, and a variety of
applications. Eclipse also provides an open development platform
comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building,
deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. href="">MySQL is the world's most
popular open source database.

Together, GlassFish, NetBeans/Eclipse, and MySQL liberates you from the
vendor lock-in
by offering you a compelling choice.

At FISL 10,
learn how GlassFish,
NetBeans/ href="">Eclipse, and href="">MySQL
provide a powerful feature-rich yet easy to use platform for
your web applications. The complete details about the session are
available href="">here.
I plan to show multiple demos during the talk that you may find useful
in your regular work.

Where ? Porto Alegre, Brazil

When ? Jun 24-27, 2009

Click on the map below for coordinates of the venue:

href=",+pucrs,+porto+alegre,+brazil&sll=-30.039526,-51.192684&sspn=0.074451,0.136471&ie=UTF8&ll=-30.047699,-51.163759&spn=0.037222,0.068235&z=14&iwloc=A"> style="border: 2px solid ; width: 508px; height: 368px;" alt=""

Join the Facebook
or follow on Twitter

Close to 6000 attendees have registered for FISL so far and am
looking forward to feel/enjoy the Brazilian spirit.

To Brazil, Capirinhas, Guaranas, Churascarias, Beaches ... La
La La La La
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La

Drop a comment if
you are interested in a meal or run together :)

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