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Posted by arungupta on June 29, 2009 at 1:28 PM PDT

Senger, founder of Globalcode
- a Java training/consulting company in Brazil, is running href=""> on href="">GlassFish.

He is a Java EE architect, consultant, trainer, and do Java EE related
research as well. He is a JSF 2 Expert Group member, find NetBeans and
GlassFish integration amazing and feels its getting better all
the time. He runs
on GlassFish. The reasons to pick GlassFish:

  • Much easier to install
  • Easy to manage (data sources, EJBs, redeployments) using
    web-based administration console
  • Don't use clustering today but know it's another good

He is seeing lot of Brazilian companies and developers
moving to GlassFish because it's

  • Faster
  • More modular
  • Faster redeployment
  • Better integration with NetBeans/Eclipse

Hear the short interview recorded at FISL earlier this week:

A formal production story will be published soon as well. Thanks
Vinicius for the interview!

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Hey Mr, Gupta, one more time you come here for attacking JBoss AppServer? Ah, I see, you can't attack WebLogic anymore. Well, Glassfish is a fantastic AppServer, with very innovative features, but I guess you cannot move any JBoss user to Glassfish using such attacks this project this way I lost the chance to talk to at FISL, and in fact I would like to have a very friendly talk to show you how we could work together. In this video, I can see Vinicius Senger(which is a friend of mine) just pitching, taking an incredible chance for make some marketing over SuperCrud, which is a nice initiative. Let's see some of your points: * Much easier to install (Well, JBoss is just unzip, and that's all, where is the hard stuff?) * Easy to manage (data sources, EJBs, redeployments) using web-based administration console(JBoss 5.0.1 has the embedded console and you can manage such components as well, as well as the JOPR a fully Management and Monitoring Platform based in Java which can manage JBoss, Tomcat and beyond, who knows until Glassfish, just write a plugin for it) * Faster (Where, in your laptop?) * More modular (JBoss is modular since its earlier days, in fact, the Micro-kernel based in JMX, allowing you add or remove MBeans dinamically? Ah, do you know the new Microcontainer?) * Faster redeployment (Again...Where?) * Better integration with NetBeans/Eclipse (Well, we have it done in Eclipse, as well as in NetBeans, and curious, the NetBeans has JBoss as one of the default supported AppServer). Arun, I am your fan, you are an incredible and recognizable JEE Expert, but I guess there are many other ways to show how Glassfish can play in the AppServer's market, at least the opensource ones. I have some customers asking about Glassfish, and always I say: "It is a nice AppServer, however there is no Enterprise successful case in production here in Brazil", as you can see JBoss rocking in many many projects here in the country. One more time: You have an incredible AppServer, instead of fighting, I guess that Sun and Red Hat could collaborate so much in both projects, but it is not my decision, once who is writing here is the Community guy and not an employee.