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Rails on GlassFish - "most performant of all", "simpler and just works", "blazing speed"

Posted by arungupta on July 2, 2009 at 10:02 AM PDT

Here are some quotes about running Rails applications on href="">GlassFish from href="">user@jruby
mailing list:

I find the glassfish gem
to be the most performant of all -- and I don't need to war-up my app.

I also have some mongrel
cluster stuff, but glassfish is simpler and just works.

Voila...blazing speed,
can handle lots of traffic. Note that I am also cominging into apache
from a dyndns name. So, whatever IP I have, I can go straight to
execution on the glassfish gem and NO warring up! What could be easier
deployment, or a faster execution?

It's running fantasticly
and performing like nothing I've seen before :) Completely stable
memory, no wirings or anything bad for 5 days now.. (with several
ab/htperf stresstests).

It's always exciting to get good endorsements of our efforts in the
GlassFish team :)

Other similar stories for using Rails/GlassFish in production are
described at href="">rubyonrails+stories.

Technorati: href="">glassfish
v3 href="">gem href="">rubyonrails

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