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Track your running miles using JRuby, Ruby-on-Rails, GlassFish, NetBeans, MySQL, and YUI Charts

Posted by arungupta on July 29, 2009 at 5:53 AM PDT

This blog introduces a new application that will provide basic tracking
of your running distance and generate charts to monitor progress. There
are numerous similar applications that are already available/hosted and
this is a very basic application. What's different about this ?

The first version of this application is built using JRuby,
Ruby-on-Rails, GlassFish Gem, MySQL, and NetBeans IDE. This combination
of technologies is a high quality Rails stack that is used in href="">production
deploymnet at various places. Still nothing different ?

A similar version of this application
will be built using a variety of Web frameworks such as href="">Java EE,  href="">Grails, href="">Wicket, href="">Spring and href="">Struts2 (in
no particular order). The goal is to provide a similar application,
slightly bigger than "Hello World," built using different frameworks
and deploy on GlassFish.
Each framework will then be evaluated based upon the criteria ranging
from the basic principles of framework, ease-of-use in
design/development/testing/debugging/production of this web app,
database interaction, tools support, ability to add 3rd party
libraries, browser compatibility and other points. 

An important point to note is that this is style="font-weight: bold;">not an exhaustive
evaluation of different Web frameworks and the scope is limited only to
this application.

A complete list of frameworks planned is available href="">here.
The criteria used to evaluate each framework is described href="">here.
Your feedback in terms of Web frameworks and evaluation criteria is
highly appreciated.  Please share your feedback on the href="">users list.

Now the first version of application. The complete instructions to
check out and run the Rails version of
this application are available href="">here.

Here are some charts generated using the application:




YUI is
used for all the charting capabilities.

And here is a short video that explains how the application work:

If you are a runner, check out the application and use it for tracking
your miles. A sample runlog is available in "test/fixtures/runlogs.yml"
and races in "test/fixtures/races.yml".

If you know Rails, please provide feedback if the application is DRY
and using the right set of helpers.

If you'd like the existing list of web frameworks to be pruned or
include another one to the list, href="">let us know.

Share you feedback at

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