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TOTD #97: GlassFish Plugin with Eclipse 3.5

Posted by arungupta on August 21, 2009 at 1:21 PM PDT

A new version of GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse (ver 1.1) was recently
. The build contains

  • Eclipse 3.4.2 IDE with WTP Java EE support
  • GlassFish v2.1 pre-registered and configured
  • GlassFish v3 Prelude pre-registered and configured
  • JavaDB sample database pre-registered and configured
  • GlassFish Plugin (1.0.29)
  • MySQL JDBC driver registered to the IDE
  • Maven m2 plugins
  • JAX-WS Metro plugin
  • GlassFish documentation
  • And optionally, a JDK 1.6.

The functionality is also available in GlassFish Plugin that can be
installed on Eclipse 3.5. However because of the Eclipse
bug #280365
, the plugin cannot be installed directly using
Server Adapters. The alternative is to install explicitly using the
Update Site. The instructions to do the same are given below:

  1. In "Help", "Install New Software", click on "Available
    Software Sites":

  2. Search for "ajax" to see the output as:

  3. Click on "Enabled" button to enable the site and see the
    change as below:


    click on "OK".
  4. Expand the drop-down list box and chose the recently added
    "update site" as shown below:


    and it shows all the software available from that site as:

  5. Take the defaults, click on "Next" and it shows the
    GlassFish plugin version number as shown below:

  6. Click on "Next", accept the license by clicking
    on  "I accept ..." and click on "Finish" to start the


    The IDE restarts after the installation is complete.
  7. Now a new server can be added using "Servers" tab and it
    shows GlassFish as an option as shown below:


The screencast
shows how to create a simple web application using GlassFish v3. Future
blogs will show how to leverage the new functionality of JAX-WS Web
services plugin and JPA Dali Tooling with GlassFish.

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you'd like to see.
A complete archive of all the tips is available here.

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Existing sun glassfish enterprise server installation ?

I have already Eclipse 3.5 and SGES 9.1_02 patch14 installed. Can I reuse this existing SGES installation when using the Glassfish plugin ? That is, does installing the plugin as per your procedure, imply that not only a plugin is installed but also a separate glassfish installation and that the plugin only works with that particular installation ? How can I integrate my existing SGES installation which is of a specific version and patch with Eclipse ? PS. I'm currently also not interested in GlassFish V3. Reason: I want to use a specific version of SGES so I have control over which version I'm testing things on. This is also the version that most closely resembles the version that is installed in our production environment. Thanks EDH

"ajax" not in "Available Software Sites"

My list of sites under "Available Software Sites" did not have any ajax links to start with, so I had to click the "Add" button and explicitly add "". The rest seems to work fine.