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Fast-loading "Consumer JRE" == CDC?

Posted by asj2006 on May 16, 2007 at 1:30 AM PDT

The current poll asks people what was the most important announcement from the JavaOne 2007 general sessions, and the runaway winner of the poll seems to be the hints that Sun intends to introduce a Fast-loading "Consumer JRE". Now, wouldn't it be funny if this is based on Java ME's CDC?

As Sun's Hinkmond Wong notes, Java ME's CDC is:

....nicely slimmed down to about 4.6MB, well-managed with native thread integration, very easy to integrate as a standalone platform for cell phones, TV set-top boxes, and even the desktop. There are no pauses with Java ME CDC running JavaFX Script and boot-up time is pretty good for a proof-of-concept. Java is not just Java SE. Java ME CDC is small, light-weight, and fast enough to be the answer to running new ways of using Java (like JavaFX).....we can do the same for desktops (using Java ME CDC technology) as we've done on high-end smartphones.

If this were the case, then this putative resurgence in Java desktop development will be driven by Java's continuing explosive success in the small java arena.

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