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I'm Mobile and Blu at JavaOne

Posted by asj2006 on May 4, 2007 at 1:40 AM PDT

Contrary to what server-side jockeys would have you perceive, or what Swing and SWT proponents would like to believe, the action at JavaOne is most furious in those fields that value the small and simple.

I'll be flying in on Wednesday and will be attending the TV Track, which features sessions and talks on Blu-ray (BD-Java) and Java on Cable, but for those with an itch to switch to the SmallSide, this JavaOne has some really outstanding sessions available.

The JavaCard platform continues to converge with the mobile end of things, and I particularly am bitter that I could not attend the session called Free Mobile-to-Mobile Money Transmission Revolutionizes Trade Between the Poorest in Africa, which I think is pretty interesting and socially relevant to boot. Wish I could meet the guy responsible for this!

The introduction of Sun SPOT wireless sensor networks this year is probably one of the more notable news to come out of the Java ME world, and I've written about them in earlier blog posts. I'm just hoping they don't announce these as the Device of Show, cuz' we all know that ain't a good thing ;-)

As always, there are way too many mobile Java ME options available at JavaOne, but I think one of the most important events for CLDC/MIDP this year is the coming of MSA devices (such as the Sony Z750), and so a quick look at sessions tackling this umbrella architecture that will hopefully help de-fragment the next-generation Java ME mobile devices might be invaluable for pervasive Java developers.

There's even a smidgen of hope coming to that poor brother of CLDC/MIDP. Hinkmond Wong managed to get F3 (Form Follows Function) running on a CDC device, and the long-awaited JSR 249 might finally kickstart some life into this somewhat neglected area of Java ME. No specific session on this, but perhaps these more general sessions, mostly on the related JSR 248, will shed some light into this potential success story for mobile CDC.

Finally, take some time to drop by the Mobile and Embedded Community social gathering at the Thirsty Bear on Wednesday night. I'll most probably drop in if my flight cooperates.

Also, for those people interested in Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), I'll be blogging like crazy throughout the day on Thursday.

Darn, I am SO excited about my first JavaOne ;-)