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The highlights of the Java TV sessions

Posted by asj2006 on May 11, 2007 at 2:04 AM PDT

Before I lay me down to sleep, here are some of the top items I thought were discussed in the Java Entertainment sessions (Blu-ray's BD-J and OCAP/cable Java):

  • OCAP development (developing Xlet apps for cable) is just as interesting as Blu-ray BD-J

    development, albeit perhaps less "glamorous", but probably more lucrative in the


  • If you can develop BD-J apps, then it is but a short step to OCAP development.

    That is, you can leverage your skill in either field to encompass the other as well.

  • Because of their experience with constrained environments, Java ME developers

    can more easily jump to "Entertainment Java".

  • The studios (and Sun) are pushing strongly to make the BD-J specs publicly

    available to developers. The BDA is, in the words of one attendee, "stupid".

  • The cable industry is starting to roll out Java-enabled set-top boxes (OCAP and

    OnRamp) in massive numbers this year.

  • Everyone agrees JavaTV did not pan out the way they thought it would years ago,

    but because of the convergence of several factors, they believe that this time "it's the

    real deal, Bill".

  • There have been 200 Blu-ray titles so far, but only 6 or so have been authored

    using BD-J. Sun and the studios would like to reverse this ratio.

  • Development of BD-J authored discs take longer to do, but the studios believe the benefits outweigh the costs, and that more sophisticated tools coming will significantly improve the process.

  • There is a definite lack of easily accessible tools and documentation on both

    BD-J and OCAP application development.

  • JavaFX mobile is the solution to world hunger and wars. Ok, maybe not, but I am

    becoming more convinced it will be very beneficial to the easier development of more

    powerful and artistically elegant SmallJava apps.

  • Cable wants You. Blu-ray wants You. Don't ever believe serious Java is only for

    serverside or desktop applications.

  • Bill Foote is a pretty funny guy. Bill Sheppard looks like that actor in "While You were Sleeping" with Sandra Bullock. Congrats to the Sun Team (and to the guest speakers) for a GREAT TV track!
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