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Are Java desktop developers giving Java a bad name?

Posted by asj2006 on June 6, 2007 at 1:53 AM PDT

Unfortunately, I'm not kidding. When dealing with antagonistic parties, most recently in the Blu-ray arena, I noticed that their examples of bad Java applications almost always revolves around bad experiences with either Java desktop applications or applets.

We all know why applets got such bad reputations, but there really is no good excuse for Swing and the like to continue to give a sour aftertaste to users. I myself use Netbeans regularly, and although it has improved by quite a lot, there are still times when the thing slows to a horrid crawl when I use anything smaller than a 1 GB, 1.8 GHz box.

I deal with Java ME on almost a daily basis, and although the target of these applications are devices several times less powerful than desktops, I have yet to find a user who has complained as vociferously about them. Is this because user expectations for these smaller devices are less than their expectations for the performance of desktop applications, or is it because developers targeting more powerful machines have become unconcerned about code optimization, something that is foremost in the minds of smalljava developers?

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