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OMG Robotics report from Burlingame

Posted by bboyes on December 10, 2005 at 3:51 PM PST

On behalf of Systronix and, Bruce Boyes (that would be me) presented a proposal to standardize robotic I/O point tagging in a manner similar to the IEEE1451 STIM (Sensor-Transducer Interface Module). Systronix has developed a robotic tagging API, Java packages, and working examples. This package will soon be posted in the robotics community.

It will come as no surprise that there are many ideas about what should be specified, and how. At the end of the presentations, it was proposed that we consider four different task force areas:
Middleware - with some sharing concerns about size and footprint
Component Profiles - including I/O point tagging
Service Profiles
Data Structures

(Don't ask me exactly what these mean since no is really sure.)

This feels like good progress to me, though there is nothing concrete quite yet. There is good interest among active participants, which means that there might actually be people to work on the standards committees. Based on this hopeful sign, OMG approved advancing the Robotis Domain Specific Interest Group to a Domain Task Force.

The next meeting is in Feb 2006 in Tampa, and there is still time to submit an RFI response, up until 3 weeks before the Tampa meeting. The robotics community is planning to submit an RFI, based on the I/O point tagging idea, and maybe others. If you have some ideas, you are welcome to join this effort.

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