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Resolving Non RM Request or Missing wsa:Action header error

Posted by bhaktimehta on August 24, 2007 at 1:57 PM PDT

We have been getting bug reports where users run into the following
error when interoperating with MS. WSRM3018: Non RM Request or Missing
wsa:Action header

This is a case where we are trying MS client -> Sun
endpoint which is written beginning from Java and which has WS Reliable Messaging
(WS RM) enabled.
This is related to issue href="">487. style="text-decoration: underline;">

Here is how  you can  workaround this issue.


Consider you have a service like this

public class MyFooImpl {   
    public int doFoo(int bar, int zot) {

Make sure  you specifiy the action in @WebMethod annotation.

the action  in the @WebMethod annotation, empty Action 
appears in the

application messages..


For a complete running sample check the following sample in

You need to set the AS_HOME to the installation of href=""> Glassfish v2.

Call the following targets

ant server
ant client run

This will show the demo with Sun client talking to Sun endpoint.
Next  if you want to try the C# client

Follow instuctions from  href="">here.
This shows you  how to generate the artifacts using svcutil,
build the c# client and call Client.exe