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Deploying SOAP 1.2 based webservice in Glassfish

Posted by bhaktimehta on January 29, 2008 at 2:15 PM PST

The following blog shows how to create and deploy a SOAP 1.2 based
webservice in Glassfish v2 using Netbeans6.0

Download and install Netbeans 6.0 from href="">here.
Click on File->New Project

Choose Web ->WebApplication


Next provide the name of the Web application

choose the Java EE version as Java EE 5


Click on Finish

Next in the Projects tab you will see EchoTest

Right Click on EchoTest and create New WebService


Click Finish

Next we add operations to the service

Click the source tab in the center pane you will see the
source code

Add the following operation to the source code (This can be done by
right clicking Webservices->EchoService->AddOperation)

 * Web service operation
@WebMethod(operationName = "echoString"
public String echoString( @WebParam(name = "parameter") String parameter) {
     return "hello" + parameter;

Add the following annotation""   

The above is important because the default binding supported by
JAXWS 2.0 is SOAP 1.1 over HTTP.

This is how the source code looks


Right Click on EchoTest project

Do Clean and Build

Do Undeploy and Deploy

You will see the service is deployed at


Next  step build a client

File -> New Project -> Web Application (Same as fig 1)

Name the project as EchoClient


Click Finish

Right click on EchoClientTest and click New Webservice Client

Specify the wsdllocation as shown


Click Finish

Next expand 


Drag echoString and drop after line

This is how the jsp will look


Next Right click and call Run the EchoClientTest

This is what you see when you call

Hello World!

Result = hello John Doe

Advanced Tip
If you want to see the soap messages add the following line in
GF/domains/domain1/confiig/domain.xml in java-config element

Then stop the GF server and restart it
Next go to http://localhost:8080/EchoClientTest/
You can see the following messages in GF/domains/domain1/logs/server.log











      hello John




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Nice tutorial, Bhakti, but where did you get the "John Doe" ...

Nice tutorial, Bhakti, but where did you get the "John Doe" echo String from? Though it was not specified as a parameter in the echo web service, it suddenly appears in the source code when the echo string is dropped into the client web service JSP page.

Karl, ASX data

(the xml was removed from previous posting .. so here is is without the angle brackets: from S:Envelope xmlns:S="" to S:Envelope xmlns:S=""

Thank you! This statement

Thank you! This statement helped me. I have long tried to solve this problem.

Hi Bhakti, a) I started from NetBeans 6.5 and found that it's default is still SOAP 1.1 rather than 1.2 - are there still valid reasons to use SOAP 1.1 for new projects? b) your method works perfectly; however the resulting SOAP message looks very similar to the original message, the only difference appears to be the namespace which changes from to The rest of the message seems to be unchanged - is this what you would expect? c) the W3C overview of SOAP 1.2 ( suggests that 1.2 enables benefits including "compression, optimization, and other performance gains" .. Netbeans / GlassFish QoS seems to suggest that e.g. FastInfoset is automagically negotiated, but all I see in e.g. wireShark is the same old xml streams - are there any good posts to show how to enable e.g. compression when uploading large payloads (e.g. jpg) from a client to a webService?

I tried this annotation"" ) with a stateless session bean exposed as WS and that didn't work. Is it known Metro limitation? -Deepa

Hi Bhakti. I'm a new support technician to a large software company where i'm seeing TD analysis is very important for our web application. We utilize Weblogic 9.2 and was hoping you could give me some pointers on what I should be looking out for in a TDA report. I see many locking monitors, but what piece of these locks are the root causes? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Iftekhar

Hi Bhakti, I am a newbie to web service and possibly this might sound odd but I rearranged the property to the very end of list and it works!!! Thanks for your help. I am using the glassfish bundled with Netbeans6.0 Sorry for my bad. Thanks Chintan

Hi chintan That is the only property which is needed. Which version of GF are you using. You can also see if http://localhost:8080/EchoTest/EchoService?Tester is working and try to see the soap messages there However that will work only if you are using a GF v2.1 build after feb 8 because I fixed issue 4122 Regards, Bhakti

Hi Bhakti, I followed your advanced tip. Still I am not able to see the SOAP Message in my server log. Anything I need to be aware of. Thanks for your help. Regards, Chintan.