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Developing Webservices from wsdl using Netbeans

Posted by bhaktimehta on March 5, 2008 at 11:31 AM PST

The following blog shows how you can easily create a Webservices
project in Glassfish v2 using Netbeans 6.0 from an existing wsdl.

Download Netbeans 6.0 from here

To Start

Select File->Create new Project->Web

style="width: 725px; height: 520px;">

Click on finish

Next Right Click on WebServiceFromWsdl  project and select new
WebService from wsdl

Here is the href="">wsdl
and its href="">schema
for this blog

Here is how the screen looks like

selectwsdl.jpg width="728" height="649">

Click on finish

This is how the generated WebService Design tab looks like

design tab.jpg src=" tab.jpg"
width="900" height="630" />

You can implement the methods for the service by selecting the Source

Right Click on the WebServiceFromWsdl  project and call Run

You will see the project deployed in GF

You can verify by clicking on

This is how the published wsdl will look like

publishwsdl.jpg src=""
width="1665" height="797">

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Excellent tutoral, thank you!

Even with JAX-RPC plugin, this does not seem to work with NetBeans 6.1. I had to go back and use 6.0 to generate the service. Sadly 6.0 is now caused all kind of issues by itself, module dependencies doesn't seem to be maintained for 6.0 any longer. :(

Thanks for this tutorial. For a week i wrote a similar tutorial here , but i am using Tomcat 6 in my example. Switching to GlassFish is very easy with NetBeans 6. Now i know that my way was not the wrong one :-)