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Working with Metro on Glassfish v3 Prelude

Posted by bhaktimehta on November 6, 2008 at 12:53 PM PST

GlassFish v3 Prelude is a lightweight Web 2.0 development and deployment platform built on a modular OSGi-based architecture.
Developers can benefit from a dynamically extensible and embeddable platform with
support for existing Java Web technologies, JRuby, and Groovy.

It includes Java EE 5 based webtier, scripting support, OSGi support, JDBC and persistence api on top of new modular kernel of Glassfish.
Metro in V3 Prelude is
available as an Addon from  Update Center module in V3  Prelude

This is a preliminary guide on how to work with Metro in the current
development v3  prelude builds.

Steps to install and run v3 Prelude
1. Unzip downloaded from href="">here.\
 This is the web distribution for v3 and does not have support for
EJBs. We have partial support for JSR 109 based webapps for Prelude.

2. Run glassfishv3-prelude/bin/updatetool.bat
You get a prompt like this
The software needed for this command (updatetool.bat) is not installed.

If you choose to install Update Tool, your system will be automatically
configured to periodically check for software updates. If you would like
to configure the tool to not check for updates, you can override the
default behavior via the tool's Preferences facility.

When this tool interacts with package repositories, some system information
such as your system's IP address and operating system type and version
is sent to the repository server. For more information please see:

Once installation is complete you may re-run this command.

Would you like to install Update Tool now (y/n):

Type y and it downloads the necessary files
Install image: c:\prelude\glassfishv3-prelude\bin\\..
Installing pkg packages.
Installing: [pkg:/pkg@1.0.7,0-15.1269:20081008T213041Z, pkg:/python2.4-minimal@2
Installing updatetool packages.
Installing: [pkg:/updatetool@2.0.0,0-15.1269:20081008T213110Z, pkg:/wxpython2.8-
Registering notifier: Successful.
Starting notifier.
Initialization complete.

This installs the UpdateCenter

3.Run glassfishv3-prelude/bin/updatetool.exe and that brings up the gui
like this
click on the Available Add-ons

4. Select Metro Web Services Stack and click install
This will copy webservices.jar, jaxb.jar and jsr109-impl.jar to
glassfishv3-prelude/modules folder.

Note :
The following are the jars which are present in prelude. This has
changed from tp2 where we had webservices-rt,webservices-tools,
webservices-api and jsr109-impl.jar.

jaxb.jar : This is a JAXB OSGi bundle. It contains JAXB apis, tools and runtime classes.
webservices.jar: This is a Metro OSGi bundle. It contains all apis,
tools and runtime classes which are present in Metro excluding JAXB
jsr109-impl.jar: This contains implementation to support JSR 109
Webservices for JavaEE.

Currently support if for webapps.  EJB's will be supported later.
glassfishv3-prelude/bin folder contains all the scripts like wsgen,
wsimport, xjc, schemagen, wscompile, wsdeploy.

5. Deploy your war like this
glassfishv3-prelude/glassfish/bin/asadmin deploy foo.war
after starting glassfish using
glassfishv3-prelude/glassfish/bin/asadmin start-domain domain1

You can try metro samples from
Please give us feedback if this works for you

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Hey bhaktimehta, thanks for letting this article online. I'm ...

Hey bhaktimehta, thanks for letting this article online. I'm always having problem installing and configuring glassfish with any add-ons on my webserver, but I can always make it work when I go back and do it from the start following your tutorial. I don't know that is it, but I think you saved my life like easily from 10 to 20 times in 2 years.

I really appreciate it!
Jaime Garcia @ ac to dc converter

Thanks folks for the pointer.

To see the jvm option in the admin console, click on the Application Server node in the left side navigation tree. You will see the JVM Settings tab on the right side. Select JVM Settings tab, and there are the JVM Options tab where you can edit jvm options. There is no support to configure mail resources in v3 Prelude.

Arul I have forwarded your question to the admin gui guru and have asked her to get back to you on this

This release is pretty slick. How do I set the jvm options from the admin console? Is this not supported yet in v3 prelude? I had to manually add this in the domain.xml. Also, is there a way to configure mail resources from the console? -Arul