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My sessions at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

Posted by bhaktimehta on October 2, 2013 at 8:56 AM PDT

I will be presenting the following sessions at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013. For those in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley Code Camp is on Oct 5,6 2013 in Foothill College, Los Altos. It is a very well organized conference by the developers for the developers. This year has 232 sessions and 4500 registrations and am always amazed at the way Peter Kellner and his team pull this off!

These are my talks which I am looking forward to present.

Fight the empire lightweightly with HTML5, WebSockets, ServerSentEvents & others

Sat Oct 5 at 5pm
Based on the Star Wars theme, this session focuses on how Java EE 7 provides an extensive set of new and enhanced features to support standards such as HTML5, WebSocket, and Server-sent events, among others. The session shows how these new features are designed and matched to work together for developing lightweight solutions matching end users