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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013 Report

Posted by bhaktimehta on October 6, 2013 at 9:02 PM PDT

Silicon Valley Code Camp is one of the best known secrets and one of the best organized conferences in the Bay Area.
I have the pleasure to speak at this conference for the past two years and am amazed at its growing popularity.
Here are some statistics for this year

4500 registrations and registration was closed
230 sessions

The Code Camp consists of these points:

  • By and for the developer community
  • No Charge To Attendees
  • Never occurs during working hours
  • Sessions range from informal chalk talks to presentations. There was an awesome kids track with young speakers like Shadaj Laddad on Scala,
    talks like Python programming for kids to Pacman in 50 minutes. My good friend Arun Gupta led a track on Minecraft modding which was a huge success.

    Here are some images from the conference this year.

    What does it take to fuel 4500 attendees? 400 pizzas and 1000 subs

    6 dedicated parking lots and yet overflowing

    These are the slides for my sessions this year

  • Fight the empire lightweightly with HTML5, WebSockets, Server-Sent Events and others
  • Think Async
  • I would like to thank Peter Kellner and his team for putting together such a wonderful show.
    Also thanks to the sponsors as well as Foothill College for supporting this effort.
    Till next year ...

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