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Addition of MSRP protocol support in SailFin CAFE

Posted by bhavanishankar on April 5, 2010 at 10:21 PM PDT

MSRP protocol support has been recently added to SailFin CAFE. This feature is available in the latest sailfin-cafe downloads.

With the MSRP protocol it is now possible to do the following using SailFin CAFE:

  • Session mode instant messaging
  • Large file transfers.

(more to come in the forthcoming builds)

SailFin CAFE added two new APIs to support MSRP, which are:


This blog covers how the large file can be tranferred across the attendees when you are in a voice conference. Instead of the plain text, I have created a screencast which covers all the details. Please click here to watch the SCREENCAST (around 30 seconds, sized ~4 MB)

To try it yourself : 

The deployed quality-msrptests-test1-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war has 2 CAFE communication beans in it. One bean handles the voice conference and the other one handles the msrp.

Wrt screencast, here is the brief description of the beans (quality-msrptests-test1-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war file has the complete source code):

Bean which handles the voice conference:

Bean which handles the MSRP file transfer:

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voice-conf-bean.png11.99 KB
msrp-conference-bean.png17.24 KB
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