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CAFE : Sending large file(s) from remote client browser to a Conference using MSRP APIs

Posted by bhavanishankar on June 19, 2010 at 12:19 PM PDT

MSRP support in CAFE has been evolving since I last wrote about it.

Among the many new things, I am going to cover one of its important capability i.e., ability to send large file(s) from a browser running on a remote machine to the SIP phones. Without such a support in CAFE/MSRP, it is very hard (if not impossible) to achieve such a functionality in a converged container.

Figure 1. Sending large file from remote client browser to the SIP phones.

In Figure 1, Alice, Bhavani and Bob are in a voice conference named Some other user running on a remote machine sends a large file from his browser to using CAFE/MSRP.  (Note that the SIP phones of Alice, Bhavani and Bob are MSRP capable eg.., Mercuro, Blink.)

CAFE/MSRP provides very simple APIs to do this. The end user need to write a simple web application and deploy it in CAFE container. The web application needs to contain following simple things:

(a) HTML page for the client browser (test.html):


(b) HTTP Servlet to handle the browser request and send the file to the SIP phones using the simple CAFE/MSRP APIs:



(c) And off course a VoiceConferenceBean is required for handling the voice conference. This bean gets invoked when the user joins the voice conference (As I mentioned earlier, we are sending file to voice conference attendees, using (a) and (b)).


To try it yourself:

The complete application is available here :

Deploy it on SailFin container with CAFE framework (Get SailFin from and CAFE from ).

Once the application is deployed, let your SIP clients join the voice conference viz., (refer initial few steps in my earlier SCREENCAST on how to create/join voice conference). Once the voice conference is established, send the file to conference attendees from remote browser by accessing http://<your-server-host:port>/cafemsrp_browser_file_transfer

For OCCAS deployment, I plan to write CAFE/MSRP on Oracle Communications Converged Application Server (OCCAS 4.0) which will cover how to deploy/run this application.

For the more details on MSRP APIs, refer CAFE javadocs at

Write to me directly at for any comments/questions.

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