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Roll On, Tech Conferences, Roll On

Posted by billday on November 21, 2003 at 12:49 AM PST

Several readers wrote me about the Seattle Sun Tech Days presentations, so I thought I'd post info on updated slides from subsequent events.

We've conducted two Tech Days since Seattle (click the city names for slides):

  • Sao Paulo, a two day conference with updates to the majority of the Seattle presentations
  • Prague, a one day conference with the "best of" updated from Seattle and Sao Paulo

(Yes, the Prague Sun Tech Days is the same event that gave James so many travel woes. For what it's worth James, I'm not a big fan of Rosenbluth either...horror stories available over the pint of your choosing.)

Interested in attending a future Sun Tech Day? Check out the upcoming conferences from the homepage or if there's a SunNetwork in your parts, come say hello there. And in any case, don't forget that today (Friday November 21st) is the last day to submit proposals via the JavaOne 2004 CFP (yes, it really is already time if you can believe it!).

BTW, nobody's claimed that free shirt yet...

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