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OTA MIDlet Installation on PalmOS Devices

Posted by billday on March 26, 2004 at 1:00 PM PST

Following up on my earlier entry on Java for PalmOS Devices, Mel Seyle wrote me to ask:

Does this mean that I can now directly download MIDlets to my Palm Tungsten and run them? I used to have to convert my Java programs to Palm PRC files before uploading them on my Palm Vx to run under the KVM.

I don't have a Java-enabled Tungsten myself, but in preparing
a follow-up to my earlier entry (Java for PalmOS Devices, Act 2), I came across some information that might help.

Ken Walker's comments in response to Russ Beattie's post about PalmSource getting the Java religion indicate that now that PalmOne and PalmSource are both shipping an integrated J2ME implementation, things are a lot simpler for J2ME app deployment to PalmOS devices:

I've OTA'd lots of MIDlets by browsing using WebPro to the JAD file. It hooks up to the Exchange Manager so after the JAD is downloaded the MIDlet HQ is invoked, jar downloaded, converted to a PRC and is good to run.

So, Mel, simply point your Tungsten at a MIDlet's JAD file and the runtime will take care of the conversion to PRC for you. Excellent news for both Java developers and Palm users everywhere!

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