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SailFin news: Milestone 6, 289 TCK passed

Posted by binod on November 10, 2008 at 9:07 AM PST

SailFin V1 MS6 is now available. Prasad reports that there were more than 141 bug fixes after MS5 that went into this release.

More importantly, SailFin now passes JSR 289 TCK. Here is the link to the test results and a short related discussion in the dev mailing list.

Many thanks to Mihir (289 Spec Lead from Oracle) for supporting us during last month or so by answering numerous questions we asked him. He also published a latest TCK errata in the Sip Servlet googe group.

FInally, I came across two pieces of good information regarding SailFin today. First is from Bhavani. He explains the session invalidation mechanism introduced in SailFin. The other one is the big admin document about SailFin installer exit codes. Take a look!

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