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SailFin CAFE: Preview Release now available.

Posted by binod on September 21, 2010 at 12:56 AM PDT

A preview release of SailFin CAFE is now available. We announced this project during last JavaOne and then onwards a lot of progress has been made. A number of people from Sun/Oracle and Ericsson contributed code to the project. And many in the community have tried it and gave feedback. Thanks a lot for all contributions. I also want to note that the framework is known to work with multiple sip servlet containers now.

If you are at JavaOne/Oracle Open World today, attend CAFE BOF at 7pm tonight at Hilton to get detailed information on the framework. 

Here is a list of key features. Take a look at the javadoc for all the java apis. 

  • Conversation 
  • Conference 
  • DTMF
  • Instant Messaging (simple text messaging, typing detection)
  • MSRP (File Transfer, Messaging)
  • User Procedures (Registration and Presence)
  • Presence Simulator
  • Media (Playing, Recording etc)
  • Security Annotations
  • Initial REST support
  • Extensibility

A number of blogs are written by developers that give a good idea on the framework. Here is a list of some important ones. The front page of the sailfin cafe website has an exhaustive list of the blogs.

A number of samples are available. You can check them out from svn repository. (svn co --username guest Following are some applications available for trying out. 

  • Getting Started (two party call, conference)
  • Music Store
  • Conference Application (with DTMF, Announcements etc)
  • Greeting service
  • Call-When-Online (Presence + Call)
  • Hunt Group

 Download and use it, and send any feedback to

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SailFin CAFE: Preview Release

Is there any information as to Glassfish V3 support for SailFin/SailFin CAFE?
Would it install and run now in GF 3.0.1?

<p>When will sailfin v3 be released?</p>

When will sailfin v3 be released?