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GELC Progress - Moving Fast

Posted by bkurshan on April 21, 2006 at 12:40 PM PDT

I have been spending the past 6 weeks meeting partners for GELC. And I have found that the issues to growing community and increasing projects circle around three topics:

What is free? And as commented above, free means no cost but also means open to post curriculum with different points of view and for different cultures. It also means free of license fees. BUT, it could also mean a free taste with costs for support or extended curriculum.

How do we localize and address the language issues? This is a challenge for the community. Will the "use - reuse" cycle take care of localization? And will the community help localize and translate? This issues addresses the need to be adaptive to the needs of the environment.

What is the tipping point to grow the community? As curricula becomes part of the GELC repository, a tool that supports and enhances the instructional design process will be of importance. How will support developers and users? Can you build curricula from discrete learning objects. And how does "digital storytelling" represent a model for curriculum development?