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Creating Tools for Open Source Curricula

Posted by bkurshan on July 9, 2006 at 2:50 PM PDT

A Textbookwiki and An Instructional Design Wiki

After exploring what is needed and what is available in the open souruce curricula arena, I have decided that we need many things, but probably we first need some tools to help developers, designers, and programmers.

Probably the greatest curriculum need worldwide is access to textbooks that are current, locallized and reasonably prices - perhaps even free. Creating a collaborative textbook presents a set of challenges including but not limited to: how to manage the process, what drives the content - standards, table of content, the content hierarchy; and how to validate the entries. What do you think the features of a textbook wiki would look like and how is it different from some of the book wikis that already exist?

To grow the GELC community, we will also need users including teachers and adminstrators and curriculum supervisors, that understand instructional design. Most teachers have little or no traiing in instructional design, so the idea of building a curriculum from open education resources is a bit overwhelming. Thus, the need for an instructional design wiki that will provide a step-by-step process to create a curriculum that addresses the standards or framework, instructional activities, assessment and teacher support is fundamental to making GELC a robust open source curriculum repository.
So let me know what you think this tool will look like and what it will do. Can you suggest some user scenarios for using an instructional design wiki?

Let's get started on designing new tools that drive curricula and community.