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Using NetBeans 4.0 to Jumpstart your eBay Development

Posted by bleonard on February 24, 2005 at 10:39 AM PST

Last week in Boston, Matt Ackley, Senior Director of
the eBay Developers Program, introduced the new eBay
SDK for Java
during his keynote
address at Web Services Edge
. The eBay SDK encapsulates the
underlying SOAP API, so although under the covers you'll be using Web
services, as a developer, you can spend
your time focusing on your application logic. Along those same lines,
the award
NetBeans 4.0 IDE will increase your productivity by
putting the eBay SDK code completion and API documentation at your
fingertips. From within the IDE, you'll also be able to compile,
launch and debug your eBay application. All
of the details are covered in the Using
NetBeans to Develop with the eBay SDK for Java
tutorial posted at In this tutorial, you'll use one of the sample
applicatons provided by eBay to view a posted auction item. The
tutorial covers all of the necessary steps to register yourself as an
eBay developer. Enjoy.

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