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Continuing the Theme: The eBay SDK for Java and NetBeans 4.0

Posted by bleonard on March 22, 2005 at 12:53 PM PST

As I continued to explore the eBay APIs, I found that one of their
sample applications stood apart from the rest, the API
Calls Demo
In this Swing application, you'll find examples of most of the eBay
SDK for Java APIs. However, as the example exists on eBay's site, you
have to enter your credentials every time the application is
launched. So, I followed up my first

with a second, Launching
the eBay Java SDK API Calls Demo Sample Application from NetBeans
In this 2nd tutorial, I show you how to use NetBeans to
add a properties file to the project to store your
credentials. I also provide the completed project source, so you can
start using the modified sample application without having to write
any code.

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