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Developing for JBoss? Try NetBeans.

Posted by bleonard on April 26, 2005 at 6:56 AM PDT

As an example, I'll show you how to use XDoclet and Ant to integrate with the JBoss Application Server. I'll create the same project that JBoss uses in their
. I'll be very surprised if you don't find the NetBeans solution easier to use then JBoss' own Eclipse based IDE. In the JBoss Eclipse IDE, the XDoclet configuration steps are extremely tedious (ejb,
and would have to be repeated for each component. With NetBeans, I provide you a set of generic Ant tasks that can be used over and over again, no further configuration necessary. Also, when you're done, your application will run on JBoss AND the J2EE RI (and could be EASILY extended using the principals outlined to run on other servers as well). Check it out: Integrating
NetBeans with other J2EE Server Vendors

But don't stop there. My colleague Geetjan Wielenga's blog is full of gems such as Monitoring
HTTP Requests on JBoss 4 from NetBeans IDE 4.1
, Remote
Debugging from NetBeans IDE 4.1 to JBoss
and Integrating
JRun 4.0 with NetBeans IDE 4.1

Finally, much of the NetBeans team will be in San Francisco for JavaOne
and NetBeans
Software Day
. If you've found their blogs, articles, and e-mail responses on the aliases helpful, here's your chance to thank them in person. Just click the button below to register. As with NetBeans, it's free!


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