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What's It Take To Build The J2EE SDK? Find Out For Yourself.

Posted by bleonard on June 9, 2005 at 5:35 AM PDT

Gee, it's been quite a while since I've blogged. This is primarily
because I've been heads down working on various projects, one of which
has been project GlassFish.
Basically, over the past couple of months,
the J2EE SDK engineering team has turned themselves inside out so you
can see the guts of the operation. If you've ever wondered about the
effort required to build a commercial grade application server, here's
your chance to truly understand. It's no small feat -- over 30 modules
make up the SDK.  You'll see the extent of the code and the number
developers involved.

Now, with an API set as large as the J2EE SDK, it's really beneficial
to use an editor like NetBeans
which provides code completion, Javadoc
assistance, and a host of other productivity features. Luckily for you,
I've "NetBeanized" all 30 of the GlassFish modules. All of the modules
are recognized by NetBeans as projects - they can be opened, edited and
built. I've written a complete href="">tutorial that
you can follow which shows
you how to get the source, edit the source and test your changes. I
explain exactly what was done in order to make each of the GlassFish
modules a NetBeans project. Enjoy.


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