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Amazon Web Services meets the Amazon Rain Forest

Posted by bleonard on August 18, 2005 at 7:30 AM PDT

At JavaOne this year I made a point to attend TS-5958: Amazon Web Services: Fueling Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Tuesday morning. I had registered for an Amazon SubscriptionId awhile back in order to use the Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS), but never took it any further. Since returning, I've touched base with Jeff Barr, Amazon's Web Services Evangelist and session speaker and we've decided to collaborate on preparing some examples on using SOAP, Java and NetBeans to work with some of the new web services forthcoming from Amazon. In the mean time, I looked at their existing Java sample application, and of course, wanted to run it from NetBeans. Along the way I decided to document what I was doing so others could take advantage as well. Once set up, its always easier to work in an IDE like NetBeans than fiddle with the command line. And if you read the document, you'll see the setup's very straight forward.

All this talk about Amazon reminds me of the upcoming NetBeans World Tour which kicks off next month in China. The idea is to let others experience the success that was NetBeans Software Day at JavaOne. Following China, the tour will take us through Canada, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, Spain, Russia, South Africa and finally Brazil, where of course, you can also visit the Amazon Rain Forest.


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