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Derby and Amazon S3?

Posted by davidvc on March 14, 2006 at 3:48 PM PST

So, my JavaOne
session on Derby
that I’m doing with Dan
got approved, and I just submitted the slides. In the
slides I committed to doing a demo showing how to use Derby on a
memory stick. I have a bunch of ideas of what I might do with this,
but one that’s got me kind of curious is somehow integrating
data stored in the newly announced Amazon
S3 (Simple Storage Service)

The problem I’m having is that the S3 schema is so basic –
just keys and values. It makes me wonder if I should add a new
storage plugin to Derby that runs on top of S3, so that it could be
queryable. Or maybe I could find a way to cache S3 data locally in
Derby and synchronize it on some kind of regular basis, or on demand.
Now, that could be cool. Use S3 as an Internet backup for my database
on a stick...

What do you think?