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Java DB available for download!

Posted by davidvc on March 31, 2006 at 4:08 PM PST

Great news for the Apache Derby community, and I think for Java in
general – Java DB, Sun’s supported distribution of Derby,
is now available for download.
This is based on the latest release of Apache Derby, version 10.1.1.

If you want to see the new “home” for Java DB, it’s

Java DB seems to be getting some serious attention. The article
that John O’Conner wrote on how to build a desktop application
with Java DB using NetBeans made it to the front page of

This is a great step for those of us here at Sun working on Apache Derby. We're hoping that more and more of Sun's products and Sun's customers will start using and deploying with Java DB. I think Apache Derby has great promise and a flourishing community, and now with this supported version it is even easier for users to take this open source database and actually deploy it with confidence, knowing that they can get full support from an established vendor.