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Working in a global community

Posted by davidvc on March 15, 2006 at 11:49 AM PST

Working on an open source project makes it much more possible for me to work with a global community. And every now and then we run into someone who is dedicated, passionate, and willing to go the extra mile, and is even willing to take the risk of trying on a language that they are not familiar with.

The email quoted below is from someone in Cuba, Yeradis, who is working on a Derby for Dummies guide for about 20 developers he works with. I had to laugh out loud, he got his point across even though English is clearly not his first language:

don't worry i will kill with my custions :-p :-D ;-) to people on Derby Communities ;-)

because if i dont kill somebody on the comunnitie :-p

here in the work will kill me :-( :-p (i mean the other developers in the team ;-) )

the problem is here they assing me a job to take like a hobbie , but this hobbie wuaooo (an expression ) will let me with no hair on head :-p in other words Bald, hairless ;-)

thanks again Jean for your contribution to my cause ;-)
and for your patient ;-)

I can only try to imagine the environment Yeradis is working in. I wish I could go visit him some day, but that is pretty unlikely. But the great thing is I get to meet him even though he's far away, speaking a different language and in a completely different cultural setting.

Thanks, Yeradis, for helping me connect with the world outside of my little hovel here in Berkeley.