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Portable offline data for a web app - Derby on a stick

Posted by davidvc on May 18, 2006 at 4:25 PM PDT

Well, my efforts to do the demo continued to run into obstacles,
and was finally killed by the fact that at the last minute the USB
reader on the demo machine set up for us in the session hall stopped
working. So I had to talk about it and use the four words no
demonstrator ever wants to say: “you get the idea.” But
the session was well attended, the audience seemed interested, I got
lots of positive feedback, and the subsequent Derby event was packed,
so much so that we had to ask non-Derby Sun and IBM employees to
leave so that the fire marshal wouldn't throw us out.

Before I forget, I
want to remind you that what I almost demonstrated at the
Apache Derby talk, and what I have demonstrated numerous times
elsewhere on machines with a working USB port, was the portability of
the data. Apache Derby data format is completely portable across
platforms. So I was able to copy my database to a USB stick on
Solaris, hand it to Dan, who plugged it into his XP machine. He then
pointed is DerbyTax app to the USB stick, made some mods, handed it
back to me, and I plugged it back into my Solaris machine and saw his

You see what this implies, right? I can take my data with me,
go to any machine that has Internet access, and keep going where I
left off. I can keep all my docs, my blogs, my news reports, on my
stick, and work anywhere, with a web-based app. I could even copy
the entire app to the USB stick, so I can work offline, anywhere, on
any machine. Cool stuff.