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The Synchronized Web

Posted by davidvc on May 30, 2006 at 5:30 PM PDT

I was listening to a RedMonk
with James Governor
and Cote talking
about their impressions of JavaOne and Sun. They were quite
enthusiastic about Sun and Java (disclaimer: Sun is their customer)
-- nice things to hear being a Sun employee and a Java enthusiast.

The other great thing they talked about was near and dear to my
heart, and this was the Synchronized Web, as
James has coined it
. This defines a class of web applications where you have the ability to run your application
both online and offline, including the ability to synchronize your data for
this web application between your local machine and the server.

and I were having drinks with Mr. Governor and David
after hours at Java One and James (in a bit of tipsy
enthusiasm) came up with this new term, and mentioned he was going to
start talking about it, and here it is.

There seems to be some
synchronicity (no pun intented) around this, because I was just
talking with Bob Brewin,
our tools Distinguished Engineer, and he said this is a vision he has
had for quite some time.

In his podcast James specifically mentioned JavaDB as part of the
technology to enable this new class of web applications. Cote was
also talking about being able to run all your applications off of a
USB stick, something I (almost) demonstrated at our Apache Derby
talk. So, it sounds like another lightbulb
, this time with the folks at RedMonk.

I am talking with Francois Orsini about pulling together a proof
of concept that shows how you might accomplish synchronizing a Java
DB database embedded in the browser with a backend server. This
shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, but it would all be hand-crafted
code. What we really want is to get this type of synchronization into
the product itself. But that's a fair amount of work; in the meantime
we're going to try to show you how you might do this yourself to
build a Synchronized Web application. So, stay tuned.