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Dabbling with DabbleDB

Posted by davidvc on June 29, 2006 at 3:17 PM PDT

When I wrote my blog about Google
, one of the comments referred me to DabbleDB.
Well, I took a look, and it is very nice! I love its intuitive
interface and how easy it is to get up and running, both with a new
database and with importing. I highly recommend viewing the video of
the demo.

They way they handle schema evolution is wonderful, and there are
a lot of opportunities for some very interesting collaboration. Very
cool that you can export to RSS and it looks like in the future to
Atom. It is also pretty amazing this is all happening in a web
browser; I often forgot that was what I was in and was treating it
like a regular app. A sign of a very
well written AJAX application.

I tried and tried to find out if they had support for storing the
data offline, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any info
on this?

I did look at the privacy
, and I have to admit after all the news of data
getting stolen and compromised
, it didn't give me a warm fuzzy.
No discussion of security auditing; no discussion of how they are
securing your data; no clear ability to ensure that your data has
been removed completely when you want it removed. Hmm...

I had thought of maybe using it to quickly create some apps for my
personal data, but found myself backing off from putting my data on
their server. It appears that
their focus is on SMBs
, but would SMBs want to put their business
data online like this? I also found myself not wanting to pay the
monthly fee; I do hope they can find another business model that
doesn't require the consumer to pay. Maybe they could make it free
up to 10MB of data or something. Otherwise I'm concerned that they
just won't get the uptick I think they deserve.

I was also very curious what their back-end architecture looked
like, but when I went to their corporate web site I could only
find a blog
. Some very nicely written JavaScript (I love this
Firefox plugin to
view all the JavaScript included files
), but I couldn't find my
way through to see how and where they are storing the data.

So, this is a very nice interface, and I'd love to use it while
storing my data locally. I may still use it for some collaborative
data, but it would have to be worth the price...