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Google spreadsheets in trouble - and Java DB can help

Posted by davidvc on June 8, 2006 at 9:52 PM PDT

As I suspect many of you have noticed, Google has announced an online
. And as you also may have noticed, the response
hasn't been all positive. See here.
And here.
And here.
There's a theme here: nice idea, but why would my spreadsheet data to Google? They can give all the
promises of privacy they want, the trust factor just isn't there.
There is also the complaint that it is limited in features, but that's
solvable over time. The security/privacy concern – that won't
go away, and is an issue for a number of web app wannabes.

I think this is a perfect example of why you need offline storage
for Web 2.0 applications. If you were to take the the Google
Spreadsheet and enable offline storage, you've removed a major
barrier to entry. You get the convenience and power of web applications, without having to put your data on the web. All your spreadsheet data stays safely on your machine, under your control.

This solution would of course use Java DB :). Seriously,
Java DB is portable (you can use the same standard JDBC API across
XP, Solaris, Linux, even PDAs and phones supporting CDC), it's secure, it maps
very well to spreadsheet data, it is transactional and has automatic
crash recovery. It also comes with a strong community and solid
support when you need it. I suppose you could write it using your
own storage APIs, but why would you want to?

Hey, Google, come talk to us, I think we can help you out! :)