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Java DB is bundled in Mustang

Posted by davidvc on June 15, 2006 at 3:32 PM PDT

Well, finally. I've been chomping at the bit on this one for quite
a while. I can now officially announce that Java developers will have
the convenience of a fully functional, 100% Java database shipping
with the Sun JDK. Java DB 10.2 will be available with Mustang (Sun's
JDK for Java SE 6) later today or tomorrow as part of the JDK bundles
for build 88, available at

Of course this is exciting for me as a developer on Java DB. But I
also think this is a great thing for Java developers. Out of the box
you have a database that you can build and test against that
implements the latest version of JDBC, and which, if you so choose,
you can take and deploy your application with, free of charge. And if
need support, you
can get it

You will find it under the db directory of your JDK install. You
do need to be aware that the version of Java DB that is included in
these builds is an alpha version, and that databases you create with
this version are not upgradable to the production version that
will ship with the GA release of Mustang. But you can start playing
around with it and run tests against it starting today (or tomorrow).

As a reminder, this is Sun's
redistribution of Apache Derby. There is a web
page for Java DB
, but all the community work (and we would love
you to participate in this community) is done at the Apache
Derby web site
. We'd love to hear from you. Sign up on the
; join the #derby
IRC channel
; ask questions, give us feedback. The community is
very active and you get quick responses from Derby developers and
users. It's free, it's open source, and now it's part of the JDK.