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Apache Derby 10.2 Released!

Posted by davidvc on October 6, 2006 at 4:19 PM PDT

Well, after a lot of work by a lot of people, Apache Derby has just made available a new release, version 10.2. For full information and download links for the release, see this page. This release includes the following new features:

  • GRANT/REVOKE support
  • Online backup
  • Ability to run command-line tools without a classpath using derbyrun.jar (e.g. 'java -jar derbyrun.jar ij')
  • Ability to call a stored procedure from a trigger
  • Scrollable, updatable, insensitive result sets
  • Ability to change the nullability of an existing column
  • Client/server performance improvements
  • All network client driver messages have been internationalized
  • Source-only JDBC4 drivers (based on a proposed final draft of JSR221) are available

That last one deserves some comment. Since Sun's JDK 6 is not yet released, Apache Derby is legally not able to ship a GA release that includes compiled JDBC 4 drivers, as we would need to use the JDK 6 compiler to do that. You are free to get the JDK 6 beta and use it to compile in JDBC 4 support.

That said, it's important to note that our source JDBC4 drivers are based on beta build 99 of JDK 6. Since then Lance Anderson, JDBC4 spec lead
has sadly announced
that the EoD (ease-of-development) work has been pulled out of JDBC 4 and the JDK due to quality concerns. This means you need to use build 99 of JDK 6 to build Derby's JDBC 4 support.

I expect that soon after JDBC4 and JDK 6 goes GA, Derby will have a follow-on update release that provides JDBC drivers that work with the final version of the JDBC4 spec and RI, so this odd state of affairs should not last too long.

You could argue that Derby should have waited for the final release of Java SE 6. However, the JDK 6 release has been delayed until December, Derby has not had a point release since 10.1 was released in August of last year, and there was more than enough other valuable functionality in Derby 10.2. So I think it was a good call.