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Google Calendar Offline Talk and Demo

Posted by davidvc on October 5, 2006 at 10:37 AM PDT

Well, now that it's working, I think it's pretty cool. I have this great little example app showing how you can use Apache Derby embedded in a browser to store Google Calendar events locally and then ship them back to the Google Calendar server (using the Google GData/Calendar APIs) when you get back online. It handles automatic detection of the network going down, browser crashes and conflict management (e.g. when someone else edits the same event you updated while offline).

If you're coming to ApacheCon, I'll be showing it off there as part of my talk. Some time after ApacheCon I plan to make the code available and write something up describing how it works and the principles it is demonstrating. My goal is that this is one more step to help you, the developer, understand how to build an offline app, and what the various challenges and issues are around this.

Thursday afternoon at ApacheCon is actually going to be a real Derby Derby. There are a four, count them, four back-to-back talks about Derby that afternoon.

  • Rick Hillegas is going to show the power of being able to put Java code in your database.
  • Dan Debrunner is going to talk about our brand new release, Apache Derby 10.2, and what new features you'll see in there.
  • Then there's my talk on how to build an offline app.
  • Finally Olav Sandstaa is going to discuss techniques for understanding and improving Derby performance.

Good stuff... Your head will be buzzing with SQL statements and you'll be dreaming of btrees if you attend all of these sessions :)

So, hope to see you at ApacheCon next week. Stay tuned to this space for more information about this new example application in the weeks that follow. Cheers!