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Posted by davidvc on November 28, 2006 at 5:30 PM PST

provided an example of how to embed a database in a browser using Mozilla Firefox.

He just let me know he received a comment from Giorgio Arata
describing how he got it ported to IE

Here's some of what Giorgio says. You can follow the link to see his full comment and all the code:

First of all we need SARISSA; a cross-browser ECMAScript library that offer a unified XMLHttpRequest/XML/XSLT/XPath along with some bonus utility methods.

Please visit Sarissa on SourceForge and add

exactly after META tags in your index.html page.

In the second place I've exchanged the deprecated APPLET tag with a crossbrowser nested OBJECT solution.
Code example follow, just substitute and run the application.


Mozilla remains the more stable platform and do not have nasty crash simulating unexpected silly user behaviours.

Best regards, GA.

I love the part about "nasty crash simulating unexpected silly user behaviours." Boy, that about sums up my experience with a lot of software out there... :)