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P2P a major force in Internet Traffic

Posted by davidvc on December 7, 2006 at 10:35 AM PST

This blog in the Long Tail shows an impressive trend of P2P traffic, where it is growing in leaps and bounds and in 2004 was 60% of all Internet traffice, with BitTorrent in the lead at 30% of this traffic (in 2005 eDonkey has taken over as the leader).

During the World Cup, I tried to use Azureus to do a BitTorrent download of a game I missed. I was stunned at how I had to leave my computer naked to the world - turn off firewalls, open up ports. I actually was never able to get it to work, but I also was turned off from P2P because of the security risks involved.

Am I missing something, or are folks doing P2P file sharing (all legal, of course) willing to bare themselves to all the insidious trojan horses and worms constantly seeking unprotected computers on the Internet?