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Article on synchronizing local storage

Posted by davidvc on January 16, 2007 at 2:54 PM PST

Back in October
I mentioned a cool little app I wrote that allows you to manage a calendar of events offline and then synchronized with Google Calendar.

At the time I promised more details and asked you to watch this space. Well, I finally have something for you to look at. It took so long because I decided it was better to produce as an article than a blog, and then I had to go through the process of getting it to meet the requirements of an article. But I think the end result is pretty good.

The article
was published today
, so take a look. I attempt to describe a general model and set of principles for synchronizing web client storage to a central store, with a specific example of LocalCalendar.

The code is available for download with the article. It's also checked in to the Apache Derby codeline as a demo, so if you like this and find things to fix or improve, you can submit your patches back to the Derby team.

Happy Syncing!