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My First Week at NetBeans

Posted by davidvc on January 5, 2007 at 10:13 AM PST

I have been spending the past few weeks doing a fairly random walk through the NetBeans code tree, documentation, and web pages (internal and external). For the most part it has been like wandering through a completely foreign city (Prague?) with just a nominal understanding of the language and a couple of maps.

width="225" height="175" alt="foreign city"/>
width="225" height="175" alt="towering buildings"/>
width="225" height="175" alt="back alleyways"/>

However, I am starting to get some context and learning the lay of the land. I have had good meetings with the database folks and there may be a good chunk for me to work on for Netbeans 6. I need to do this, need to get my hands dirty and learn this code base, or I really won't have a leg to stand on when I'm thinking about the larger picture of what we're doing here.

In terms of the larger picture - well, I have some ideas, but I'm new to this space, and I think I need to discuss these ideas internally and get them exposed to the cold hard light of "yeah we already thought of that but here's why it won't work," "we already do that," and "great idea, but have you thought of this?" before I even think about blabbing about them here.