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Google Web Toolkit for NetBeans

Posted by davidvc on March 21, 2007 at 2:05 PM PDT

When I first heard about Google Web Toolkit, I was kind of bummed because it looked so nice but it was closed source. But then they announced they were
open sourcing it under the Apache license
, opening the door to all sorts of possibilities.

One great consequence is the announcement I just read on the NetBeans dev alias from Thomas Szlota and Tomas Zezula . They have started a project on to support the Google Web Toolkit in NetBeans.

As a Java guy who has struggle with JavaScript, and as somebody who very very much appreciates the help an IDE like NetBeans gives to a developer, I was very excited to hear this. Of course I'd like to participate, but only so much time in the day. But I look forward to see what they're going to do here and am excited to see these two technologies coming together For The Greater Good.