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If you're free, DabbleDB is free

Posted by davidvc on March 16, 2007 at 3:45 PM PDT

I really like DabbleDB, but one of the things I
complained about
was that you had to pay to use it, rather than pay for services or support. I understand their motivation, but I really think it limits your ability to get big adoption. If you have a ton of people adopting your platform, then you can leverage that in oh-so many ways. But without volume, as our own Mr. Schwartz is always hammering into us, you got nothin'.

Well, I just got an email saying that if you are willing to put your database created under DabbleDB under the Creative Commons license, then you can use DabbleDB for free. Now that is cool.

So take a look, it is a very powerful tool. It's free, as long as you are free.

Next step: make data stored in DabbleDB available through a REST interface, and allow people to build new apps on top of it. If they do that, then we're really talkin'